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Take our Quiz and Download Chapter 5 of the Mean and Evil Book
Chapter 5: Democrats: Mean & Evil on Guns and Your Right to Bear Arms
Q1. Which popular Democrat said both, "Nobody wants to take [your gun] away from you" and, famously, "Hell, yes! We're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47"?
Q2. Which prominent Democrat is calling for a ban on all online sales of guns and gun parts?
Q3. Which prominent Democrat wants to legalize lawsuits against gun manufacturers tied to firearms that were legally manufactured and sold?
Q4. Which prominent Democrat wants to ban the manufacture and sale of AR-15s and require registration of the ones already in circulation?
Q5. Which prominent Democrat wants to register ammunition magazines, and says gun owners should be liable if they don't keep their firearms "under lock and key"?
Q6. Which prominent Democrat is open to registration of all guns "down the line"?
Q7. Which prominent Democrat wants a 30% excise tax on guns and a 50% excise tax on ammunition?
Q8. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, what percentage of legally owned firearms are never used to commit a criminal offense?
Q9. According to Gallup, what percentage of Americans live in households with firearms?
Q10. According to the FBI, murders committed by rifle fell by what percentage in 2018?
Q11. In 2019, what governing body unanimously declared the NRA to be a domestic "terrorist" organization?

The answers are C O'Rourke, B Biden, A Biden, D Biden, C Biden, B Biden, D Warren, D 99.9, C 43, D 23.8 and C San Francisco.  Click here to download​​

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