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Thinking of voting Democrat because you were told to?
Or because you don't like some things Trump says?
Think Again! 
The New Democrats are a 

Political Party

a book by FedUp PAC

This book proves the New Democrat Party is run by and for dangerous, violent, elite, radical socialists! 

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On FedUp PAC's Chairman Richard A. Viguerie – Barry Goldwater, Jr

“He is the catalyst that allowed conservatism to reach the pinnacles that it has over these past many years. He was on the ground floor with YAF, with Reagan, with Goldwater. He was there with his envelopes and his stamps, and a fast tongue, and sent out thousands and thousands of letters to people to raise the money that allowed conservatism to be such a powerful force in today’s politics.”


Former Congressman

FedUp PAC is assembling a Paul Revere-type, conservative volunteer army of 1,000,000 to use print and electronic material that bypasses the biased media to educate their family, friends, neighbors, and others that the New Democrats are Mean, Evil, Violent, Anti-God, Elitist Marxists. 
Donate now to support our cause or Sign up to be a volunteer Conservative Paul Revere (CPR) Rider. There's no obligation - it's free. 

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