Think again. Here are more than 100 Examples of why today's radicalized Democrats are now: 


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Thinking of voting Democrat because you were told to?
Or because you don't like some things Trump says? 

“… we talk a lot about changing your life with copywriting. But Richard Viguerie did more than just change his life: He changed the world. When Barry Goldwater lost the presidential election to Lyndon Johnson in 1964, most political experts thought the conservative movement in America was dead and buried. But Richard Viguerie went to the Board of Elections and copied (by hand!) the names and addresses of thousands of Goldwater donors. He used that mailing list not only to create one of the most successful direct-mail fundraising agencies in history, but also to build a new conservative movement in America that ultimately resulted in the election of Ronald Reagan and changed the face of American politics forever. Richard Viguerie is one of the most brilliant copywriters who ever lived, a truly iconic figure in the history of direct marketing, and a living testament to the power of copywriting to make a difference in the world.” 

The Communications Revolution in American Politics

Richard Armstrong Author, The Next Hurrah:



Don't let the Democrats Take America

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